Florence Photo Walking Tour

Learn Photography in Florence!

Are you going to visit Florence and bringing your photo-camera with yourself? Would you like to create better pictures but you just don’t know how to do that?

During the Florence Photo Walk you go around the city of the Renaissance with an experienced photographer. You’ll be able not only to learn photography tricks and secrets, but also to visit hidden spots and learn new perspectives. What could be more unique, than bringing home your own beautiful pictures from your vacation?

The narrow but vivid streets of the town are providing the perfect location to use your creativity. Mediterranean colors, beautiful buildings and dolce vita 🙂 So it is all up to you! Open up your eyes, discover all these miracles and bring home your own story from Italy!

The level of the Photo Walk is always adjusted to the needs of the group. A fun, easy to understand tour is enjoyable for kids or beginners with cellphones (yes, even with cellphones), while in case of advanced photographers we can go deeper into technical details or composition rules. The provided explanation is always clear and professional, ensuring that at the end of the walk you will be able to make better pictures than before 🙂

What we are going to do

 Visit marvellous places

 Discover hidden spots

 Reveal unknown secrets

Shooting portraits on the best location

Playing fun games


Useful Information

  •  Equipments are not provided, please bring your camera with yourself
  • We will move around by foot so comfortable shoes are recommended
  • Don’t worry about weather! Tuscany is the land of sunshine with lot of sunny hours even at winter. In addition, some light rain or cloudy skies can create special dramatic images. However in case of very bad weather conditions it is possible to reschedule your session for free
  • The walking tour does not include guided city tour or information about art and history
  • Entrance tickets for any attractions are excluded from the price (usually not required)


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Available Tours in 2024

  • 2 hours Daytime Photo Walk: € 120 (up to 5 people)

Exploring Florence’s downtown in a 2 hours Private Photo Walking Tour.

  • 4 hours Daytime Photo Walk: € 210 (up to 5 people)

Exploring Florence in a 4 hours Private Photo Walking Tour. This option allows visitors not only to discover Florence’s downtown but also to go to the area of Piazzale Michelangelo.

  • 2 hours Night Photo Walk: € 130 (up to 5 people)

Exploring Florence’s downtown in a 2 hours Private Photo Walking Tour.

  • 4 hours Night Photo Walk: € 220 (up to 5 people)

Exploring Florence in a 4 hours Private Photo Walking Tour. This option allows visitors not only to discover Florence’s downtown but also to go to the area of Piazzale Michelangelo.

  • 5 hours Day & Night Photo Walk: € 270 (up to 5 people)

Exploring Florence’s most iconic sites in a 5 hours Exclusive Private Photo Walking Tour. This option allows visitors not only to discover Florence’s downtown but also to go to the area of Piazzale Michelangelo and visit some off the beaten path.

Starting Time

  • Daytime tours are starting at the afternoon before sunset while nigh tours are starting after sunset. Sunset varies throughout the year between 5pm-9pm.

Meeting Point

  • The meeting point is in the historical center of Florence. Tours are departing from Piazza della Repubblica or from Piazza Santa Trinita.

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Eva Perocsenyi
Eva PerocsenyiPhotographer in Florence, Italy

If you are new to photography, this tour is for you. If you are an amateur looking to brush up on your skills, this tour is for you. If you are an experienced photographer and need to find different angle or locations in Florence, this tour is for you! Eva made the tour effortless and allowed me to wade back into the deeper waters of photography that I miss. We worked on three types of composition, discussed light and she broke down the evening hours by type. We also talked about location and getting shots in places you might not think of. Overall, Eva’s tour enhances your skills at whatever level you might be. It is money well spent! Hint: Take the evening tour. It is really enjoyable. Jeff

JeffreyReally worth your time!

The private photo tour was a great experience. Eva gave us a mix of photo-taking tips and hints and introduced us to sights that we would not have found by ourselves.

AlfredVery enjoyable photo tour

We loved our tour with Eva and learned so much from her. She was great with each member of our family including the kids (ages 6, 8, 9, 11). We worked on several types of photography including architecture, landscape and portraits. Our only regret is that we didn’t book our session with Eva earlier in our trip.

JennaGreat experience for the whole family!

I did eventually have my “Private Photographic Tour of Florence”, even though the heavens continued to open on us and we needed to postpone from the original date. Eva was an excellent tutor and her insights into composition, timing and lense choice for architectural photography was very insightful, especially in an old, tight city like Florence. I was able to “pick her brains” regarding not only her secret photo spots in Florence but also some techniques and settings she uses in low light photography and the couple of hours just flew by.
I’m glad I jotted down some of her words of wisdom to use later on in my trip in places like Amsterdam and Iceland where the lighting was quite challenging.

NickTerrible weather, great outcome!

Eva was super nice and we learned a lot about composition, lighting, the basics of photography. What was also cool was the fact that she took us to some lesser known places to take beautiful pictures of the city! We enjoyed it very much and would definitely recommend if you’re an amateur photographer!

AnaLoved It!

Eva was a great teacher, very hands on, she manages to explain complex things in a simple and visual way. I now understand why I should my camera in a certain way and where my camera is at it’s most happy. I also enjoyed the anecdotes and references to photographers.  The tour was tailored to my interests (street photography and how to use my camera settings). I will certainly be going on the advance tour when I am back.

JenniferWonderful couple of hours of Florence

I booked this tour just one day before my arrival to Florence. I did not have any idea what to expect and was surprised to receive an immediate confirmation for my booking for the next day. I met Eva, the photographer on the meeting point as agreed. She was asking me what I am interested to see and given that I just arrived to the city I asked her to bring me around. I can’t be thankful enough to her as she showed me some of the secret spots of the city which I couldn’t visit on my own!!! She was also teaching me how can I take better photos of the city and how can I use my camera properly. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it to everybody!


My two friends and I spent a wonderful six hours with Eva. We saw and learnt so much about Florence as well as making fantastic images of the places we visited. She managed our varying skills and equipment extremely well. Highly recommended!


I booked this photo walking tour of Florence with Eva Perocsenyi. We met at 7:30pm for sunset shoot. Eva was great she knew the places to go and be there just before sunset. I was able to get some nice pictures of the Duomo from an elevated site and we were at the Ponte Vecchio for the sunset. More than happy and highly recommend Eva.


Eva was so nice and helped my daughter and I master the basics of capturing the beautiful architecture of Florence. The tour was private and we were able to receive personalized guidance and the basics of using our cameras to get the best pictures possible. I loved that she shared some historical photos as well as her own photos to illustrate the concepts. Thank you to Eva – we had a great morning!


Eva was lovely to spend time with, but, more importantly, she taught me a lot in a short time. She helped me improve my photo composition enormously, providing several opportunities to practice throughout the city. She even taught me a few tricks to get the most out of my iPhone 10. I came home with some great photographs but also some easy rules of thumb for good photo composition. I also loved the fact that Eva referenced Florence photo history. I did several Florence tours through Viator and I feel as thought there was 70% content overlap between them. But Florence is such an interesting city with such a rich history – not every tour has to reference the Vasari corridor and the building of the Duomo! Eva’s tour brought a whole new dimension to the city and its history. This was the highlight of my five days in Florence!


Two friends and I spent a truly wonderful 6 hours with Eva. We learnt some really valuable photographic skills and techniques and also saw parts of Florence that we would not have discovered by ourselves. During the time we spent with Eva one member of our group went from being not particularly interested in photography to becoming totally engaged in the experience and spent the remainder of our time in Italy totally ‘hooked’. Eva is knowledgeable, patient and gracious with her time and skills. She very readily and easily managed our quite diverse skill set, personalities and equipmentI I would highly recommend taking her Florence Private Photo Walk. Thank you so much Eva!


Had a great couple of hours with Eva. She tailored the tour to meet our specific needs and explained things in a very easy, clear way to understand. Thoroughly recommend this tour as it really gave us a different perspective on capturing Florence in photographs.


I booked this photo walking tour of Florence with Eva Perocsenyi. We met at 7:30pm for sunset shoot. Eva was great she knew the places to go and be there just before sunset. I was able to get some nice pictures of the Duomo from an elevated site and we were at the Ponte Vecchio for the sunset. More than happy and highly recommend Eva.


Eva was a delight! We spent a couple of hours together during which she gave me wonderful photo tips. She showed me how to photograph architectural features, how to select some interesting foreground, and provided a information about light, connecting light features with the times around sunrise and sunset. Overall a wonderful experience which I highly recommend for someone interested in improving their travel photos!


Eva was amazing! My husband and I signed up for the 4-hour Private Photo Walking tour with her. I recently purchased a digital DLSR and this time, instead of randomly snapping pictures of everything, I really wanted to shoot photos in manual mode that would capture interesting composition ……something that would tell a story in each of my photo. I wouldn’t be able to do this in a group tour. Eva was able to custom tailor our needs to include the understanding of exposure triangle, leading lines, artistic composition and not to mention how to photograph blue hour and golden hour. But she also shared with us the rich history of Florence. Going on a private photography tour with her was the smartest decision I have made. Came back with many photos with a WOW factor. THank you, THank you, EVA!!!


Eva was great at tailoring the sights and content to my style and level of experience. Although I like to think I know a fair bit about photography, Eva found a few concepts and techniques for composition and lighting that were revelations to me. She also reveals a few obscure nooks and crannies to achieve some memorable perspectives of Florence. Thoroughly recommended.


We were late for this tour due to a significantly delayed train. However, Eva was fantastically flexible and we organized a delayed tour for later in the evening. We still enjoyed over 2 hours with Eva and I learnt a lot about different ways to take fabulous photos of Florence and used these techniques on the rest of our holiday. My husband, who isn’t into photography at all, came along and also quite enjoyed the experience. I would definitely recommend taking a tour with Eva. I also can’t thank her enough for being so flexible with the train delay and allowing us to do the tour later on.


Eva was superb! We spent 4 hours taking wonderful photos and I learned so much from Eva. I consider myself an intermediate photographer, but I learned so much about how to really take photos in a city like Florence. My guide shared her secrets that will certainly lead to me being a better photographer. Her sharing of the history of photos in Florence was exhilarating. The tour ended with sunset shots from Plaza Michelangelo. We took photos from different vantage points. I highly recommend this great tour. Eva is an excellent photographer also.


One of the best experience of our three week trip. We did not want to do the typical tourist tour in florence but there is a lot to see and understand. With Eva we got not only the history and sights around florence but lessons in photographic composition, lighting, timing, and photography details. I personally have had no technical training and used my iPhone while my husband, an amateur photographer, and my daughter who took photography classes used a more sophisticated camera and all of us were able to improve our photography without getting bored. She also gives us hits on how to be a model for a photo and how to capture that moment that makes a subject look great — both walking and sitting. A great tour and ideal for improving photos for the rest of Italy.


Our experience with Eva was nothing short of spectacular! Before the date of our tour, she contacted me by email to set the time. She chatted back and forth through email about my experience and what I was hoping to shoot in Florence. She met me right on time at a central location. Her English is EXCELLENT, so it was very easy to communicate with her. She had me take some sample shots and talk about my comfort level with my camera and decided we should work on composition. We went to several location, and ended up at the Ponte Vechhio view point for sunset and blue hour. I knew it was going to be a full moon, so I ended up staying after the tour ended to wait for the moon to come out from behind the clouds. It was well worth it. Eva really took the time to talk about composition, and fully explained golden hour and blue hour in an easy to understand way, and taught me how to make the most of the beautiful light. If I get back to Florence I would LOVE to spend more time with Eva! I’m glad I did this tour at the beginning of our trip, it improved my picture for the entire trip.


Eva was the most considerate, approachable, enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide I have come across yet. The tour was truly tailored to me in every way, and Eva was incredibly proactive, helping to make the most of my whistle stop tour, despite the rain! Highly recommend! Great fun/day out!


Eva gave me an excellent tour. She tailored tour based on my needs. She shared her secret shooting spots, which is super valuable for a visitor. She gave plenty of good/bad examples, which is super helpful for someone visual like me. Beyond all of the above, her passion for photography is super inspiring. I’d highly recommend her tour to anyone.