The Sweet Sixteen Project

When you turn 16 as a female in the United States (or elsewhere in the world) you can enjoy what is called a Sweet 16. This type of party can be very large with hair stylists, make-up artists, hotel ballrooms and hired DJ’s and photographers. But not everyone prefers this way.

This young lady’s dream was coming true when she asked her whole family to travel together to Florence, Italy for her 16th birthday. Then when her special day has arrived, she transformed into a little princess and enjoyed a whole afternoon of photo session on the charming streets of Florence, followed by her family, a make up artist, a photographer and an assistant. She had three different outfits and hairstyles which were all matching with the different type of backdrops in Florence. We visited narrow streets, elegant rooftops, fancy roads and romantic bridges at sunset, making the day unforgettable for our Little Sweet Sixteen.


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