Love in the Time of Corona

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The famous novel of Gabriel Garcia Marquez takes us back to old times. Historical times where a love story was born during a cholera outbreak hundred years ago.

Florence is the city of love. One of the most romantic cities in the world, where thousands of couples are arriving yearly to celebrate love. The magical charm of the city is the perfect backdrop for every love story. Here you can find couples on honeymoon, celebrating their engagement, their first wedding anniversary or even the fiftieth from all over the world! Weddings are taking place in every corner and lovers are going down on their knees daily to propose their beloved ones.

While the mild climate attracts the tourists all year round, the main touristic season usually starts at the beginning of spring. In 2020 the season has slowly started to begin for photographers in February.

I was honored to capture the romantic holiday of a french couple who came to Florence to celebrate Valentine’s day. They revealed the big news during the photo session that she is three months pregnant. Such a happiness! Following that a Mexican man contacted me to propose his girlfriend while visiting the city. We carefully planned all details of the surprise proposal and she happily said yes when the big moment came. I captured them hugging and kissing and crying with the most breathtaking view ever behind them.  And lastly, a lovely American couple hired me to photograph their vow renewal for their 34th wedding anniversary. The vow renewal was taking place in a secret magical garden on the brightest day of the year. Another emotional moment which for us, photographers, worth everything.

As I am writing this in March 2020 – such as in the time of the cholera – a new pandemic steps in the way of love. The coronavirus has hit the country hard and millions of tourists are cancelling their trips to Italy. Weddings are getting postponed, honeymoons are getting cancelled and couples from all over the world are forced to stay at their home.

Florence is currently safe. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the supermarkets are full with delicious food and the beauty of the city is even more charming than ever without the regular crowd. Umbrellas are not followed by large groups and students are not partying outside till  dawn. But we are doing fine. Most of us here in Tuscany are still healthy but it is important to be careful and to patiently wait for our time to come. To the time when love can fully return to our beloved city in a safer and stronger way than ever.

I am keeping contact with couples from all over the world daily who has their trips and photoshoots on hold. I’m lucky, because I know that many are still considering to come here later when the situation calms down. And till that time arrives I encourage all of you with the words of the famous book, the Love in the Time of Cholera: we must believe in ‘eternal fidelity and everlasting love’.

Said by the main character of the book, the deeply romantic lover who’s first name is apparently Florentino. What a coincidence.

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