Florence Photo Gift Souvenirs

Florence Photo Gift Souvenirs

What could be more unique than bringing back your own Photo Gift Souvenirs from your Holiday in Florence?

Canvas Print

You are already back from your Holiday and waking up in your own bed. The first thing you see in the morning when you open your eyes is a beautiful Canvas Photo on your wall.


You go to the kitchen to make a hot tea. It is cold outside but using your favorite Mug with an image from Your Dream Vacation is warming up your heart.


You are getting prepared to your working day. You are making notes in your Notebook about things you have to done during the day.  On the front page an amazing photo reminds you to smile.

Desk Calendar

When you arrive in your office you turn your Desk Calendar to the next month. An almost forgotten moment reminds you to book your next Vacation.

Mouse Pad

You finished a stressful meeting but your Mouse Pad is staying with you all day to cheer you up. Two minutes of Dreaming is allowed before the next appointment.

Photo Magnets

You have finished your long day and going home to prepare the dinner. On the fridge you have a collection of Photo Magnets from each cities you visited together with your own photos.

At the end of the day you go to sleep. Before falling asleep you are discovering again all the hidden details of your Canvas Photo on the wall.

Wasn’t it a beautiful day? 🙂

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