Online Photo Editing Class

Learn How to Edit Your Pictures Online

Q Did you take breathtaking pictures while on holiday in Italy (or all around the world) and don’t know how to edit them? Would you like to create better pictures but you just don’t know how to do post processing?

A During a 1 on 1 Online Photo Class I’ll teach you how to edit your pictures in Adobe Lightroom. You’ll be able not only to learn photo editing tricks and secrets, but also to have a virtual tour in Italy through the sample pictures I use for editing during the class. This lesson is also the perfect follow-up if you have attended in one of my Photo Walking Tours in Florence. 

What could be more unique, than decorating your home with your own beautiful pictures from your vacation?

A This private Online Course via Skype will teach you how to make the most out of your images with Adobe Lightroom. You can learn how to organize your photos, make adjustments and add nice effects to your images. Are you struggling to find your own style? Now is the time to learn how to add some contrast, clarity or enhanced colors to your photos!

Adobe Lightroom is the leading software on the market to edit your photos. I have been using Adobe Lightroom for more than ten years and I am looking forward to share my knowledge with you!

I The level of the Online Class is always adjusted to your personal needs. A fun, easy to understand class is enjoyable for hobby photographers, while in case of advanced photographers we can go deeper into the technical details or editing tricks. The provided explanation is always clear and professional, ensuring that at the end of the class you will be able to create better pictures than before.

What we are going to do

90 minutes online class via shared screen on Skype

Class given to anywhere in the World

Time is coordinated after booking and can be adapted to any time zone

Edit your own images or learn how to edit through my sample images taken in Italy

Learn interesting stories and facts about Italy through the images I use


Required Equipments

  • Computer with Adobe Lightroom: you’ll need to pre-install Adobe Lightroom. You can download a free trial on Adobe’s website
  •  Skype: please download and install Skype, to allow online communication with screen sharing
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • A Collection of Your Images preferably in RAW format, which you would like to learn how to edit
  • Microphone (Webcam is optional)


If you are interested to book an Online Photo Editing Class please send me a message below including your preferred  package, date, time and level or any special interest you have.

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While all classes are customized to your skill and level with Lightroom, these are some of the key topics covered:

  • 90 mins Online Photo Editing Class: € 85

Introduction to Lightroom and editing few images together

  • 4 x 90 mins Online Photo Editing Class: € 295

Introduction to Lightroom, how to use presets, how to organize holiday pictures, how to do basic editing and how to create special effects

  • 8 x 90 mins Online Photo Editing Class: € 495

Introduction to Lightroom, how to organize pictures, how to create catalogs, how to do basic editing and how to create special effects using the brushes and other tools such as HDR, how to export images, how to create slideshows with music

  • 60 mins Photography Consultation: **FREE**

A possibility for those who cant afford to spend on Photography in the current situation. You can ask me anything about photo techniques, editing, composition or whatever you need right now to improve your photography skills. Totally gratis.

Date and Time

  • The date and time of the Online Class is coordinated after booking and is flexible depending on your availability and time zone. I will get in touch with you to determine a convenient date and time for the class upon booking.

Gift Voucher

  • If you are gifting this Online Class to somebody else feel free to request a voucher that you can give to the lucky one.

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Eva Perocsenyi
Eva PerocsenyiPhotographer in Florence, Italy