Session Planning Tips

10+1 Popular Questions with Answers for the Best Experience

1. I am not photogenic and I don’t look as good as those people on your photos. I don’t know how to pose. Can you make me look good on the pictures?

As a photographer it is my responsibility to find your best look. Each session starts with a short consultation to get to know each other better, to ask questions and to get relaxed. Model or posing experience is not required, the photography session is easy and fun for everybody. Each person has their own personality and I am in charge to find the real YOU, to show who you really are, instead of taking unnatural poses. Unfortunately I am not able to make you look 20 years younger, neither 20 kilos less, but I can try 5 years and 5 kilos 🙂 So, why don’t you give it a chance?

2. I am really interested to book the photo-shooting but my husband/boyfriend is not really into it. What can I do to convince him?

Tell him – fluttering your eyelashes – that it will be a real fun and that the photography session is ’male friendly’. Even I’ll do my best to get them entertained, after half time they are allowed – if they want – to go to siesta and grab a glass of wine or beer so we can continue with a ’female only’ session.

3.  What time of the day is better? Sunset or Morning?

They are both great, it really depends on the location and season.  I strongly recommend Morning or Sunset sessions. Morning gives a brighter look and they also tend to be less crowded so you don’t have to fight the crowds. The recommended starting time changes throughout the seasons. In case you are not a big fan of early wake up Sunset session is the one for you. It offers a more orange/warm light combined with blue sky, the opportunity to have sunset in the background, and there are some locations in Florence which are more beautiful at sunset than at the morning. Sunset is also perfect for countryside photo sessions. Afternoon or mid-day is recommended only at late autumn/winter. The Mediterranean sun is very strong during mid-day and the best thing to do at that time is to follow the italian habit and go on siesta 🙂

4. What is the best photography location?

There are many great locations in Tuscany and Florence! Towns, Countryside and Seaside are all available! We can also meet at your hotel or apartment. It is not necessary to decide the exact location during booking, we can finalize it later.

Location ideas

5. What should we wear?

First of all, wear something you feel good in. Totally matching in general is not advised. Try to coordinate the colors and styles rather than match. Avoid loud patterns and prints or large logos.  Feel free to bring any additional clothing, shoes or accessories that make you feel special. We will move around in Florence city center by foot, so additional comfortable shoes are recommended for women.

What to wear ideas

6. How is the weather in Tuscany? What happens if it rains?

Don’t worry about weather! Tuscany is the land of sunshine with lot of sunny hours even at Winter. In addition, some light rain or cloudy skies can create special dramatic images. (It is also a good idea to bring a cute umbrella for your session that you don’t mind getting photos with, so that if it does happen to rain, we can embrace it and turn it into more unique portraits.) In case of very bad weather conditions it is possible to reschedule your session. For this reason it is highly recommended not to schedule your session for the last day of your visit. If your session can not be re-scheduled  your booking deposit will be refunded.

More about Weather and Seasons

7. What should we bring to our session?

If you choose to wear heels for your session, bring a pair of easy-on-easy-off flats that you can slip into as we walk between locations.  Avoid anything with snaps, buckles, or zippers, as you don’t want to waste your session time constantly changing into and out of complicated shoes.  Bring a cell phone so that you can contact me if you get lost or if you’re running late. You may also want to bring a small Ziploc or clutch with makeup for touch-ups.  Otherwise leave everything else at the hotel.  Do not bring a big bag full of passports, cameras, and other valuable items that you might keep on you.  When we stop to take photos you’ll have to set that bag down and it will be unattended.  I can keep small bags, but please leave any large bags at your hotel.

8. How do we pay for our photography session?

An €50 deposit is required to reserve your date with Paypal upon booking and the balance of your session less the deposit will be due on the day of the session by cash. (So please, bring cash with you.)

Terms & Conditions

9. How soon do we get to see our pictures?

A sneak peek with around 5 photos will be ready in maximum two days and sent to you immediately. So you’ll be able to post some of your best pictures while you are on your vacation in Italy.

(Warning: posting stunning real-time vacation images on social media can cause high level of jealousy among friends currently sitting in their office. Photographer is not responsible in any way for any consequences.)

10. How do we get our high resolution image files?

Once all your photos have been edited, I upload them to Dropbox or WE transfer.  You can download your edited pictures directly from there, just within two weeks after your session, in web optimized low and print optimized high resolution. You have never used Dropbox or WE transfer? Don’t worry, it will be super easy! I know, I’ve tested it on my mother.

+1. How about if we would like to order Souvenir items or Wall Art prints?

In this case please contact me by e-mail with your ideas and I’ll give you personalized recommendations.

Do you already see THAT DREAM PHOTO on your wall?

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